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Responding to offers on GoDaddy Auctions®

The buyer and seller can respond to and submit offers or counter-offers on domains on GoDaddy Auctions®.

The seller can accept, decline, or counter your offer when you submit an offer on a domain. In turn, you can accept or decline any counter-offer (by not responding) from the seller. You can also submit an offer that’s below the asking price, as long as it exceeds the minimum offer amount.

If the seller counters your offer, you must respond within seven days or the offer will expire. The seller has 7 days to accept your offer, even if they send you a counter-offer. A seller may also use your initial offer to push their listing to a 7-day public auction. If this happens, your offer is set as the first bid and the domain is added to your Bidding List.

  1. Go to the GoDaddy Auctions® page and log in to your account. (Need help logging in? Find your username or password.)
    select domain
  2. Select Bidding List > Bidding.
  3. Select (# offers) for the domain.
  4. If you're submitting a counter-offer, select Counter, then enter your counter amount in the Counter Offer Amount field.
  5. Select Counter Offer to submit. Sellers are not required to reply to offers or counter-offers.
  6. Select that you have read and agree to the Universal Terms of Service Agreement, the GoDaddy Auctions® Membership Agreement, and the pricing structure for GoDaddy Auctions®.
  7. Select Confirm or OK to submit your selections.

The buyer and seller both receive a confirmation email when an offer is accepted. The buyer will receive 3 payment reminders via email and if they haven’t completed payment within 30 days of the auction closing, the seller can request to cancel the transaction. The domain should be delivered within 10 days after the buyer submits a payment. Find out when your domain will be delivered after the auction ends.

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