.GODADDY Registration Policies

Last Revised: September 7, 2016
Mission and Purpose 

The mission or purpose of .GODADDY is strictly for branding protection and internal use and is intended in part to provide visitors to any .GODADDY site the assurance that they are truly dealing with GoDaddy and not an imposter. Additionally, visitors will be further exposed to the GoDaddy brand and the quality products and services offered

Registration Eligibility

Registrations in the .GODADDY TLD, and control of the DNS records associated with such registrations, will be limited to GoDaddy, its Affiliates, and qualifying Trademark Licensees as defined in, and in accordance with, Specification 13 of the Registry Agreement.

Additionally, registrations will be used by GoDaddy in the conduct of one or more of its business that are unrelated to the provision of Registry Services, such as web site creation, the promotion of GoDaddy branded services and improvement of brand protection and brand recognition.

Domain Name Allocation

Domain names will be allocated solely to GoDaddy and its affiliates and licensees in accordance with its agreement with ICANN, this registration policy and ICANN policy.

Reserved Names

GoDaddy reserves two‐character labels, country and territory names and other labels in accordance with ICANN policies and reserves the right to revise this policy from time to time to ensure compliance with future ICANN policies.