GoDaddy Customer Privacy

Your data is none of our business.

How we collect and use data.
Like most tech companies, we do collect data. But unlike most companies, the data we collect is used to improve your experience with us, from finding the right products to helping you grow your business.
See and control your data.
Trust is built on transparency. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to review and even download your account data, as well as adjust your privacy preferences.
Globally consistent privacy. Period.
While privacy laws vary around the world, our goal is to make privacy consistent for all customers, no matter where they live. All of our customers have access to core privacy tools. More importantly, we do not sell your information.

We’re not hiding anything.

We hate to see anyone go, but if you decide GoDaddy is not for you, we won’t force you through a labyrinth of pages to close your account. We want customers, not captives.